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Story Telling, Symbol, Metaphor and the Group-as-a-Whole

Adolescence and Group Psychotherapy

The Role of the Conductor in Group Psychotherapy

Training group clinical paper: The Experience of being a Trainee in the Evolution of Early group Experiences, the Anti-Group and the Group Mother

Group Psychotherapists and Schools 
Published in Group Analytic Contexts,1997

The Suboptimal Group 
Published in Group Analysis, December, 1998

My Way
(Column written for the British Association of Group Psychotherapists’ Newsletter in the late 1990s

Exploring Our Roots: Keynote talk given at Goldsmiths Association of Group Psychotherapists’ annual meeting in 2004

Trencadís, Social Imaging Group (with co-author: Carles Ramos). An approach to conducting large art therapy groups, combining group analysis and art therapy.
Published in Group Analytic Contexts, June 2014

The challenge of working with the embodied mind in the context of a university-based Dance Movement Therapy training (with co-authors: Heidrun Panhofer and Maria Elena García).
Published in The Arts in Psychotherapy, No. 4, 2014

Dance movement therapy training: Challenges of interculturality and cross-cultural communication within a diverse student group. (with co-authors: Heidrun Panhofer & Iris Bräuninger).
Published as chapter 4 of: Intercultural Arts Therapies Research: Issues and Methodologies (2016, Routledge). Edited by Ditty Dokter y Margaret Hills De Zarate





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